A Creative Solution for Quick Samples-making
3D virtual clothing sample is perfectly made for quickly confirming samples. Every details will be captured just like the real sample. New upgrade sample-making service is waiting for you to experience!
Sample-making within only 2-3 days
Online communication and confirmation to get more ideal samples
Save at least half of your sample-making budget
What you see is what you get
Show you all the details of the real sample.
Fast sample-making just in 2-3 days
Traditional Sample-making VS Virtual Sample-making
Time-consuming Traditional
· Long sample-making period
· Every alteration leads to sample remake
Highly Efficient 3D Virtual Clothing
· Digital clothing sample-making within 2-3 days
· Convenient online check and feedback
Save More
Save at least half of your sample-making budget.
3D Virtual Sample
2D Design
Digital Fabric
Fit kits
3D Virtual Clothing Sample
· Delivery within 2-3 days, much shorter than common samples.
· Online communication and confirmation to get the more ideal samples.
2D Design
· Professional designers at your service.
· Customize your special logo.
· Different styles, patterns for your choice.
Digital Fabric
· Digital fabric provides a reference for real colors.
· Highly restores the real texture of the object.
· Displayed in various forms and can be viewed 360 degrees.
Fit kits
Fit kits
· 13 pieces from YXS-4XL help you to choose the right size.
· Touch the fabric and exquisite workmanship by your hands.
· Free-renting ($200 for practice wear and $400 for competition uniform).
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